Repitable results every time.
Eskesso is a cooking appliance that lets you create perfectly cooked healthy meals. Thanks to a cooking technique called sous vide you can now cook just like a professional in your own kitchen simply by adding a parcel of food and an Eskesso to a pot of water.

Cook from anywhere at anytime.
Through Eskesso’s mobile app you can buy freshly prepared food parcels ready for cooking, removing the hassle of going to the supermarket or chopping veg. By selecting which recipe you’re making on the app, whether that’s one of our parcels or your own, Eskesso can begin cooking whether you’re at the office, on the train or in the sitting room.

Ben Hayes

“I never have time to cook a decent meal and always end up ordering in or eating out. Eskesso has finally changed that. It´s really simple, it´s saving me money and the range of meals on their marketplace is great.”

Ben / Customer

Shipping later this year.