Eskesso helps you create perfectly cooked healthy meals without the need for ovens, preparation, or even being in the the kitchen. Control when you want to eat through your phone and Eskesso does the hard work for you.

Perfect for when you want to eat great homemade food without slaving away in the kitchen. Say goodbye to dirty pots, greasy smells and messy kitchens.

How does Eskesso work?

Put your Eskesso in any pot of water…
Add a pack of food to the mix…
Select the recipe you are cooking and push START in our App…
Return home for a wonderful meal!!

And you control your cooking whether you are in the kitchen, in the train or at work!





  1. Delicious. Colloquial spanish word from Sevilla, Spain.
    Synonyms. Mouth watering, tasty, flavoursome, appetizing, inviting, very palatable.
  2. Alt. Smart cooking appliance designed to revolutionise domestic cooking.
    Cooks bagged food in water for perfect, evenly-cooked healthy meals.
    Controlled from your phone so it does all the work.
    Synonyms. Convenient. Hassle free. Simple. Healthier

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Advantages and Benefits



Chef José Ramón Corrales - Eskesso Sous Vide

Jose Ramón Corrales


Cooking with Eskesso is like having the scent and flavor of traditional cooking but using cutting-edge technology.

Chef Daniel del Toro - Eskesso Sous Vide

Daniel Del Toro


A professional tool suitable for domestic kitchens. Excellent proposal!!

Cèline Gotin - Eskesso Sous Vide

Cèline Gotin

Gastronomic critic

I am glad to program the Eskesso and let it work while I am busy doing something else. It is a true innovation for my kitchen.

Chef José Luis Pastrana - Eskesso Sous Vide

Jose Luis Pastrana


Eskesso allows me to control several processes at the same time. The best result for vacuum sealed food without being present.

Accelerated by


In 2015 Eskesso was accepted in FI-C3 program. The Future Internet Public-Private Partnership, short: FI-PPP, is a European programme for Internet-enabled innovation. This acceledator is part of the community of FIWARE accelerators.

In May 2016 Eskesso was accepted in Startup Scaleup, a 6 month accelerator program, enabling accepted startups to receive mentorship and support from the brightest IOT people in the World.

In July 2016 Eskesso was accepted in the Startupbootcamp IoT. The programme received 425 startup applications from 61 countries, and Eskesso was 1 of the 10 successful start-ups selected.

Also in July 2016 Eskesso was nominated as one of the finalists project to be present in the South Summit event. South Summit is a leading startup conference in Europe aimed at showing to the world the talent, innovation and opportunity of the South.